Welcome to all Tokyo night lovers!
If you want to participate to our parties, please subscribe to our “Tokyo Night Lovers” Meetup group (about 1300 people) or register into this website.

















If you’re a cosplayer living in Japan, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama… Join our Facebook Group

Tokyo Cosplayers“.












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About “Tokyo Night Lovers” Meetup group.

Do you like Tokyo Nightlife?
If yes come with us!
You’ll enjoy many kind of parties such as after-work parties, happy hours, izakaya & bistro parties, karaoke, dance club, cosplay parties… (if you’re a cosplayer, please mention it when subscribing to the meetup group or the website.


If you own or work in a bar, a pub, an izakaya, a bistro, a DJ bar, a live bar, a club … in Tokyo and arround that can host a party between 10 and 50 people or more,
If you have a shop and want to do a link exchange between our websites, a place where it’s possible to drop flyers, contact us for a partnership.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, suggestions, request for partnership, fill out this contact form. Thank you.

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